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Survey seekers and providers have been brought together in order to provide an unbeatable service. Our partners provide us with the surveys, the offers and the questions. We provide them people like you who are looking to earn part time or full time by taking surveys that pay you.


Many corporations rely on your input so that they can find out how to better serve their customers.


There are no requirements. There are no qualifications. All you have to do is simply fill out surveys for money! You can do it right from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.




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We Understand Our Clients


We have the knowledge and the expertise needed to guide you to the top paying surveys.


Our goals are simply to give client satisfaction. We guarantee high quality service both from ourselves as Surveys That Pay You and our partner companies.


Join us and take a risk free trial of our survey jobs a few hours per day. You can work from home part time or full time, it is your decision.


What Kind of Service Can You Expect?


Simple and straight forward help and guidance on which surveys pay in cash, rewards or offer samples and prizes.


A clear and simple membership area, allowing you to browse all our partners, not just as a whole but by those survey sites operating in your country.


You will be given advice on free software to install that will enable you to increase your surveys per hour. Enabling you to maximize your time.


You will be sent regular updates, both when new partners join us and when limited time survey opportunities arrive.


We hold no barriers for you, you may do as many or as few surveys that you are able to commit to.


There are no risks, only rewards!


You can work from anywhere at any time, night or day


And that’s just the foundations of our organization!


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Andrew Skyner. age 19:

I'm a student and I found it difficult to find a job that would fit around my time table. Luckily I was told by a friend to join Surveys That Pay You. At first I did not think I would make much money. However after just a few short weeks I understood the process and was able to make some real cash around my studies.


Drew Anthony, age 31:

Recently I have found it hard to get a job in my field. Although I joined at first out of curiosity I am really glad I am now a part of Surveys That Pay You. They have consistently been pleasant and have always replied to my queries quickly. I have been able to make enough to pay all my bills and treat the family once or twice a week.