About Us


Our global business is based around home markets in Australia, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


We have been running this business since 2006 and have now taken the company from the physical world onto the online world. Giving us a wider audience and a quicker, simpler process for building and networking with survey partners.


Currently we hold around 30 members of staff, only a handful of which actually work with us in our UK based office.


Our philosophy of working at home is something we keep close to home. The problem with a standard job is that you find yourself at work more than you are at home. This is something we want to change.


Once we went into the digital world we were able to give remote control access to our employees allowing them to do the basic, emails, sourcing and contracting from home.


We now supply countries such as the UK, CA, AU, EU, US and many other international companies with surveys.


Our future aim is to grow into one of the largest flexible working websites. Not only dealing in surveys but also data entry, content writing, virtual assistants and more.






Andrew Skyner. age 19:

I'm a student and I found it difficult to find a job that would fit around my time table. Luckily I was told by a friend to join Surveys That Pay You. At first I did not think I would make much money. However after just a few short weeks I understood the process and was able to make some real cash around my studies.


Drew Anthony, age 31:

Recently I have found it hard to get a job in my field. Although I joined at first out of curiosity I am really glad I am now a part of Surveys That Pay You. They have consistently been pleasant and have always replied to my queries quickly. I have been able to make enough to pay all my bills and treat the family once or twice a week.